Sleep paralysis, demons or hallucination?

Sleep-Paralysis_Plad-ZebraMy eyes opened wide


It was 4:28am. 24 minutes till Fajr

I suddenly woke up, it felt like someone had nudged me and tried to disturb my sleep.

I looked straight at my room door, not looking left or right, I just kept my eyes focused right at my door. I began to shout to my mind and scream just ‘’don’t shut, stay open!’’- (I always sleep with my room door and windows open, I like it that way, You know, It gives my room some exchange of oxygen…)

It was at that moment I began to roll my eyes around and investigate my surroundings (seems like I’m somewhere new, this is my bedroom, a room I’ve been sleeping in for over 7 years).

All of a sudden, two small 6 year old bodies appear by my door frozen, dark and charcoaled by the darkness of their shadows.

Their bodies were fixed there and they seemed to be glaring at my cold shivering flesh, I was laying on my back looking straight at them.

Without delay I instantly felt their energies grab my chest and keep my mouth shut, I began trying to fight for my breath and to open my mouth…


I tried to move and turn my head but I remained still, I screamed but no sound.

I began moving my body to try and get this dark thing off but it continued to grab on to me.

The more I tried to fight it the more it attached like a leach sucking blood. It was thirsty for my breath.

At once, I spoke to them ‘’I’m not afraid of you!’’ with my eyes still open wide, I began to recite Ayat al Kursi, my tongue felt so heavy but I told myself as long as I am reciting it in my mind I will recite it until my tongue loosens and I know the energy has gone.

Again I spoke to the energy and screamed ‘’I’m not scared! I have the Qur’an underneath my head, Allah is with me!’’ I recited and recited and reached the end of the verse…

“Allah is the wali of the faithful: He brings them out of darkness into light. As for the faithless, their awliya are the fake deities, who drive them out of light into darkness. They shall be the inmates of the Fire, and they will remain in it [forever].”

Now that I read back the verse I understand that darkness I was in for a few minutes. Allah had truly saved me from it. ‘He took me out the darkness’ and removed the dark souls away from me. ..Alhamduliah

Was this sleep paralysis? Was this real? I saw the shadow of two young children in the dark two metres away from me by my door and suddenly I am held down and I fight it?

What in the world was this?

I’ve had these things happen to me a few times in the past and I’ve grown to keep calm when it happens. In the past I used to try and fight it so hard while reciting the holy verse and I’d wake up sweating; my heart racing to jump out my ribcage…its not like that anymore, I know Allah is with me all through the day and night and whenever I call out, He is there to save me.

Remember Me and I will remember you.”-Surat Al-Baqarah [verses 151-157]

When this same thing happened to me about 10 months ago I thought I’d look into it, after some time of researching it I found some scientific reasons and also some Islamic reasons as to why this happens and how to stop it from happening again.

I found that Islamically, the Prophet (PBUH) has advised us to sleep on our right hand side and place our right hand underneath our cheek. It is also Sunnah (practices of the Prophet) to sleep facing the Qibla.

It is also suggested that we do not eat before we sleep as this can have an affect on the system of the body while we sleep.

It is said that one should not sleep on their stomach as it is the sleep of the devils, and it is highly recommended to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean and to also do your wudhu before sleeping.

It is recommended to recite ‘Bismillah’ and the three Quls before sleeping , and then blow on the palms and rub three times on one’s entire body, starting from the head and ending at the toes.

With me, I like to usually read Ayat Al Kursi, Surah Al Nas, Tawhid and Ikhlas 7 times, Dua faraj and read the Fatiha for the Masoomeen (as) I have also placed a Qur’an in my pillow and a few other sheets of Dua which i believe helps and reminds me of Allah’s presence.

As to the two bodies I saw, some say it is demonic/Jin and apparently Jins have been given the power to change their form & appear in front of human beings in countless forms; such as an animal, a reptile, or even a human being (which I saw). Now this makes me question myself, was I imagining what I saw? Was it hallucination? Was it really a demon?

Scientifically I found how to prevent it on Wikipedia. This is what I found:

‘’Several circumstances have been identified that are associated with an increased risk of sleep paralysis. These include insomnia and sleep deprivation’’ I have also read elsewhere that stress can have a big affect on the ‘sleep paralysis’ and also one way to stop this while it’s happening is to wiggle the toes or fingers, which may help.

Scientifically, it is also suggested not to sleep in supine position (on the back) as this can increase the chances of it happening because there is a greater amount of pressure being exerted on the lungs by gravity. It is suggested to sleep on the right side as it is recommended Islamically.


As for me, I think what happened to me was not only something science can explain, I believe it was not something only called ‘sleep paralysis rather it was somewhat a demon or even a dark energy from a different dimension of the world entering my room and forcing me to stay down. It may seem stupid but I know I saw hose two shadows and I was fully awake. I saw them and it happened.

Has this happened to you? What did you do?

For me I let my family know and they awkwardly laughed it off making it a joke. I didn’t know what to say, I remained quiet and thought id write to see who else may have experienced this too.

And Allah knows best…

One thought on “Sleep paralysis, demons or hallucination?

  1. I have also had this happen to me. The scientific explanation makes no sense. How can this same exact thing happen to people over the centuries. It’s not a shared phenomenon or something your brain makes up as you are coming out of sleep. it’s really demons who are trying to smother you in your sleep some people like us can fight themn off, I’m sure many other have been taken by them.


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