Train 2nd September 2015, Sixteen forty nine

It was sixteen forty nine i closed it.

The train will keep going,IMG_4870

The wind will keep blowing,

The trees will carry on dancing as long as the howls continue to go on.

Sixteen forty nine.

People will still continue to sleep and people will continue to wake up. (define me, oh person)

You? You are the world, you are connected with the roots of this earth.

Who are you? What is your reason here?
Sixteen forty nine.IMG_4876
i say you’re part of a game.
Is there any point of being part of this game?
You argue this is not a game but IMG_4865i tell you it is.
What even is, the point of this thought?
Sixteen forty nine.
Anyway, it doesn’t matter if this isn’t clear because these words are coming out with a complete different thought in this mind typing these exact characters and building it to turn into words and eventually sentences.
This mind is understanding each and every soul in each and every letter added.
Do you understand?
Sixteen forty nine.
If this world contains life, it will contain obstacles. This my friend means, that you are part of a painful game.
Success or a win in this world is nothing, you’re always a loser.
Negative much? yes I know. I bring you to speak against me and fight up against me. (Can you?)
…Sixteen forty nine

“The intellect is a natural disposition which learns from experience.”- Imam Ali (as)

Noor Abdul Jalil

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