Maya World Hotel, Side, Manavgat- A holiday to remember

A great hotel, I would highly recommend, the animation team Serhan, Tolga, Нина, Dj Ar4i are always trying their best to keep you entertained, with activities such as the bocca ball game, darts, water polo and many other activities depending on what time of the year you go, as for me i went near to the end of April, beginning of May and we had the bocha ball game, darts and water polo (which most of the guests loved) and we could always suggest what other activities we wanted.10154299_10152383787404443_6848901998468760903_n

The animation team worked everyday except sunday because the animators need their rest too, but there is the disco at the hotel far back in the garden which is open every night.1903002_10152380073029443_258112699121311935_n

Anything you say is taken into consideration to try and make your holiday one that you will not forget and you can always go for a chat with the guest relations staff, Anastasia who is always willing to hear what concerns you have about the hotel and will take forward anything you feel the hotel will need to work on.

For the first time ever i felt i could say that i went to a hotel which was spotless. our rooms were always cleaned and i went into my room on the first day with very clean bedding and floors which is the most satisfying thing for me because i always have something to say about the cleanliness of hotel rooms.

The room had a remote controlled air conditioner which was fantastic , because you can always use the remote for cool or hot air yourself instead of the hotel changing the temperature of the room. there is also a fridge in the room which is filled with small water bottles every time your room has a clean, and again the rooms are always spotless and clean!10322758_10152383760634443_4235797488672777638_n
when i was there we had the bar at the lobby where you can get all drinks and order your soft drinks, alcohol, tea , coffee, and hot water etc.10313380_10152383786319443_4038991902624159132_n

There was also the bar by the pool which had the self service water, tea, coffee, soft drinks but drinks like alcohol and fizzy drinks you can order from a waiter.

10271632_10152383785049443_41180138081701204_nThe main restaurant which has all the same self service as the bar by the pool and it also has the buffet with different foods, salads and side dishes and also a really lovely bit to the restaurant is when you go out there is also the BBQ that they have for dinner you need to go to the back of the restaurant and outside to serve yourself some delicious barbecued chicken, fish and grilled tomatoes and vegetables.

The range of foods here are enough not as much as other hotels i’ve been to but enough because they are great foods.

There is of course a range of different  colourful desserts you can choose from during lunch and dinner time, flavours like strawberry or banana jelly or custard and of course the delicious chocolate cake they always have.
The staff here are bilingual as for the reception it might be a bit hard to communicate but there will not be very much you need to communicate with them because there is the guest relations staff Anastasia who can speak English and Russian and can understand Turkish, as for the animation team they are bilingual they speak Russian, German, English and Turkish these languages are the most popular around the hotel and outside

10308889_10152389362589443_2384394336894766929_nOne piece of advice if you are going to the doctor at the hotel be warned that if you have an insurance health card it will not be valid there in Turkey and if the doctor wants to send you to the hospital i suggest to make your own way there instead of the transport the doctor arranges for you because it will cost a fortune, unless you get travel insurance, please buy travel insurance before you go on holiday because you want to be covered if anything does happen. If you need to go to the hospital in Turkey, DO NOT go to the private hospitals, go to the public government ones, they call it the ”devlet/hukumet hastaneh” (translates to ”government hospital”)
Sport & Le10325519_10152389352434443_3602371476359909223_nisure
mini club from 10 to 12 activities such as darts and bocca ball game about 11am again at 2 i believe there is the mini club which the kids love the water polo depends on the weather sometimes 4 or earlier or later and the entertainment mini disco for kids at 8:30 until 9 at 9:15 you have the entertainment for the adults which is always a laugh, and everyone always enjoys it

As for getting out of the hotel and exploring you will have to travel with a bus and it will be a great journey to get around Manavgat and Side which is affordable to get around , here in this city they use Euro’s and Lira which you will need to exchange outside the hotel. don’t get confused with Lira’s and Euro’s, if you do get confused you can be ripped off by some people.

10258752_10152383785584443_553316996350931556_nTo exchange euro you come out the hotel and you have a road in front of you, you go to the right and carry on walking straight until you reach a point were there are a few small shops and ask for exchange.

Overall the hotel is a great , fun and relaxing place to stay at, if you’re looking to book you will love it, for families or couples. 🙂

Stayed April 2014, travelled with my family

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